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Lego-style apartment transformation

Posted by Penny on May 20, 2011
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Lego-style apartment transforms into infinite spaces on Youtube

I think we’re really lucky to have so much space in Australia. We don’t need to be that careful with it, so instead of being increasingly clever with space, we simply use more of it. Really clever use of space to me is more typical of bigger cities overseas, like New York, London, Tokyo, and homes like this one in Barcelona, created by Christian Schallert.

The view from the balcony is so beautiful – imagine stepping out here every day!

And it’s even more amazing when you consider that the bed tucks away underneath the balcony for storage… so clever!

The whole apartment is only 24 square metres, yet it’s not cluttered or chaotic… such a great design! More clever design like this please.


Read more on *faircompanies.

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deliciously vegan: the ppk

Posted by Penny on May 10, 2011
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Cast Iron Stir-Fry With Avocado, Basil and Peanuts
by The PPK

I love cooking, and eating. I also love reading recipes & planning what to eat. It helps SO MUCH when the photos are beautiful, no?

If you needed a reason to try cooking something vegan once in awhile (or, all the time) then surely The PPK provide it…

Lemongrass Noodle Bowl With Mock Duck
by The PPK

I think just looking at all these delicious vegan meals make me feel healthier (and a bit hungrier). The PPK is created and cooked by clever Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and there are lots of cookbooks to buy also!

These meals are all a great example that along with being healthy, vegan food can be vibrant and fun. To me the concept of a ‘balanced meal’ is about balancing colours, shapes & patterns which is why I love these photos!

Ancho Lentil Tacos
by The PPK

Now to just cook all these things…

The PPK:
blog : cookbooks : isa’s twitter : facebook

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DIY lamp ideas

Posted by Penny on May 09, 2011
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Messiest, merriest & whirliest DIY balls tutorial by Wednesday Custom Design

Always as Winter begins and the days get shorter and shorter I naturally spend more time inside, and with lights on. I’ve been wanting to make some kind of lampshade for my loungeroom for SO long – these are some favourite online tutorials.

First up – if I was to get married, I’d definitely want it to look like this. I don’t know why the Duke & Duchess didn’t have something similar. Wednesday Custom Design have a bunch of great ideas on their blog, plus I’m pretty sure if you live in Oklahoma, USA they could help you throw one fantastic party.

Left: Lampara con/sin Pajaritos by Marcelina ::: Right: Ruffled Lamp by Bliss on Urban Scarlet

The Bird Lamp on the left is by Marcelina, who began with two hanging garden baskets. I half think her awesome green wall is what makes the whole thing, but it’s so cute, and I see little birds like that in shops all the time. I kind of wish the birds were real, but that would be more of an ongoing mess, no?

The Ruffled Lamp totally reminds me of a pinata. So bright! I’d love a lamp like this somewhere unexpected like a laundry, and of course it’d be perfect for a kids room. The post was written by Michala of Bliss! – this whole blog pretty much has the same colours & brightness as an online pinata. It’s full of DIY ideas for parties – hooray for parties!

I really do want to try and make the first lamp, I think it’d be perfect for my lounge room – I’ll keep you posted! Have any of you ever tried to make a lamp shade? With any success?

xx Penny

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