My Bearded Pigeon: Interview

Posted by Penny on June 22, 2011
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World Map – Giant Organic Cushion Cover by My Bearded Pigeon

My Bearded Pigeon‘s cushions are absolutely lovely. In just a short space of time since the label began, they’ve been featured in publications such as Real Living Australia, Mollie Makes, UK and US Parenting Magazine, and Apartment Therapy. Cath, the designer and absolutely amazing lady behind My Bearded Pigeon also creates, as Chunky Chooky, absolutely adorable kids toys.

What I love most about My Bearded Pigeon (and Cath) is the staunch commitment to eco-friendly and socially sustainable living. My Bearded Pidgeon cushion covers are made of 100% certifed organic cotton. Plus, My Bearded Pigeon donates $1 from every sale to supporting microlending in developing countries. That’s fantastic!

L. Hobart Organic Cotton Vintage Map Cushion Cover – R. Arctic Circle Cushion Cover

I was lucky enough to ask Cath a couple of questions:

Why do you use organic cotton?

Cath: I use organic cotton because it is kinder to the earth. I live in a forest surrounded by wild life ( sometimes a little to up close and personal ie, possums fighting on the tree outside the  window at 4am, snake in the lounge room) so this is a motivator. A few years ago my husband did an organic farming course and think this just confirmed everything we already suspected about traditional agriculture.

Using organic cotton is an important aspect of this business- not just a marketing ploy. It is reported that traditionally farmed cotton crops are the 2nd largest user of agricultural pesticides in the world. This means that 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides are dedicated to cotton. Even scarier than this is the fact that at least four of the top nine pesticides used in treating this cotton is considered by the EPA to be highly carcinogenic.


Which of your cushion locations would you most like to visit?

Cath: Its funny with the cushion places they do make me crave travel so much….I would probably like to go to Africa the most. It is on our definitely one day list…. and South America, and to Europe with my husband, the Amalfi coast…. and Paris….. I could go on…

L. Firewood Organic Cushion Cover – R. Morton Bay Fig Tree Organic Cushion Cover

Do you have any new designs coming up?

Cath: I have some new designs coming up, lots of new maps- Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Thailand and Turkey all coming up in the next week or so plus lots more currently being searched for…plus an exciting new range of cushions completely different to the maps….

Thanks Cath!

You can see the start of the new range above – featuring original photography! I am so inspired by Cath’s environmental awareness and commitment, and the way she makes it look easy!


More My Bearded Pigeon here:



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