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Posted by Penny on June 27, 2011
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The Information Blanket is truly amazing. The aim of The Information Blanket project is to provide basic knowledge which is easily accessible on the blanket the baby is wrapped in! The information varies slightly in each language, but includes feeding frequencies, temperature & vaccination information. We’re lucky in developed countries to have such a low infant mortality rate. Australia’s infant mortality rate is sadly 4.4 babies dying before their 1st birthday per 1000 live births. In the USA it’s 6.3. In Uganda it’s 76.9, and in Afghanistan it’s 157 babies per 1000. A lot more.

All new mums that I know have panics over what immunisations their babies should have, if they’re too fat/skinny/big/small, what their temperature should be (plus, why on earth they won’t stop crying!) We’re so lucky in developed countries that we have great access to doctors & nurses, books, people, the internet, and other resources to get all the information we need. The people behind The Information Blanket see this information gap in developing regions of the world, and I love that it’s really such a simple project, but it can have SO MUCH impact on a new mum who may not have access to basic information resources.

The blankets are made in the USA on soft double cotton knit, and are stitched up and printed with water-based ink. If you visit The Information Blanket you can make a donation of $25 which will pay for one blanket to be delivered to a Ugandan mum, or you can buy your own for US$40 plus shipping & tax and a second blanket will go to Uganda on your behalf. The Information Blanket works with The Shanti Uganda Society to deliver the blankets.


All images courtesy The Information Blanket.

Found via Inhabitots.

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