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Ecolour Climate Friendly Paint

Posted by Penny on July 29, 2011
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One of the Ecolour stores

I’m very much considering painting the walls of my house (the odd creamy/beige colour of my rental is getting a bit old!) However I’ve got to say, I don’t deal so well with paint fumes. They give me headaches and make me feel a bit sick – I’m sure almost all of us can relate. Thankfully when we paint the really strong fumes dissipate after a day or so, but it always makes me wonder quite how healthy regular paint is?


Ecolour paint is completely different, and they get so many ticks of approval. Their paint:

  • Is manufactured in Australia,
  • Is carbon neutral,
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (they’re the toxins that are often very slowly released in small amounts from conventional paints),
  • Makes use of re-cycled re-refined waste engine oil to produce water based paints that are smooth (if you’ve ever painted a wall you’ll know smooth paints are of the utmost importance!)

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My Poppet: Interview

Posted by Penny on July 27, 2011
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Super popular hot water bottle covers by My Poppet – keep your eye on the shop for more!


Cinti from My Poppet is an amazing crafter & designer.  If you haven’t visited her blog, definitely do so! After running a really lovely kids shop for several years, Cinti creates her own products from recycled & vintage fabrics and has a gorgeous blog where she documents, amongst other things, her own home design. She also runs her own online store and looks after one of the most adorable kids ever. Nice! Cinti is also so generous with her knowledge and creates her own tutorials, which are freely available on her blog. Seriously amazing.

I asked Cinti a few questions…

The first steps of Cinti’s Scrappy Felt iPad Cover tutorial!

Why do you use vintage & recycled fabrics?
I suppose it’s for several reasons. I love to op-shop and the ‘thrill of the chase’, so searching for vintage textiles is my idea of fun. I’m a little bit ‘tight’ so reusing textiles started off as a more economical way to craft, but now I enjoy the challenge of using vintage and repurposed textiles. It almost feels too easy to just go to a shop and buy an unblemished length of fabric. Usually my projects are dictated by whats in my stash, the design has to work around stains or holes, it makes me think creatively.

Cinti’s rug for her daugher Emma’s room made from recycled wool felt.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve made for yourself or your home?
I am really happy with how Emma’s rug turned out, the fact that it will be a useful item for many years to come is really satisfying.
I also love the log cabin quilt I made for my bed. I only allowed myself to use scraps from other sewing projects, so now it’s like a little historical archive of fabrics that once were in my stash.

You just got back from a trip to Japan – do you have any must-see recommendations?
Um, everything. Japan was like sensory overload. Tokyo is a shopping heaven and the bookstores there have a brilliant selection of craft and design books at very reasonable prices. Kyoto was a lovely quiet contrast, staying in a traditional ryokan was the highlight of my stay there.


Thanks so much to Cinti for answering my questions!

Visit My Poppet:

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Craft Vic at Design Made Trade

Posted by Penny on July 24, 2011
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Gaye Abandon at Design Made Trade

Design Made Trade is currently running (until tomorrow!) at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. It’s quite a unique event, with exhibitors ranging from artists & product designers to manufacturers & design schools. I was lucky enough to exhibit with Craft Vic (as Pocket Carnival) with 11 other amazing Melbourne-based artists!

Gaye Abandon is a label I have loved for a very long time. The creator, Gaye, makes accessories & homewares from recycled wool felt – she collects wool clothing and creates the felt herself. I love her display too, it’s looking like a bit of an abstract artwork.

L. Harvest Textiles, R. Pocket Carnival

Harvest Textiles have a studio in Brunswick where they print amazing textiles and create beautiful homewares & kits. It’s run by a trio of wonderful ladies and I’ve written a little about them previously here! I particularly love their colour palette, the bold colours work so well on their basecloth.

Pocket Carnival is my little label of beautiful purses, quirky greeting cards & huggables including new cloud pillows. The new collection is inspired by classic patterns & wonderful colours, and eco-friendliness is a big focus too! All textiles are organic or are vintage/recycled, and all cardstock is 100% post-consumer recycled.

L. And O Designs, R. Lab 3 o 5

And O Designs are hand crafted jewellery, accessories & ceramic pieces by Yumi Ando. And O pieces are inspired by Japanese & Australian design, I love the simplicity of the designs, and the combination of simple white ceramics & blue & grey glaze.

Lab 3 o 5 are a group of 7 architecture student who have a laser cutting studio in Richmond and some amazing products. They design & create badges & other jewellery and have a new line of homewares. They also offer a custom laser cutting service – I’m so tempted to get some things cut just for fun!

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