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Posted by Penny on July 24, 2011
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Gaye Abandon at Design Made Trade

Design Made Trade is currently running (until tomorrow!) at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. It’s quite a unique event, with exhibitors ranging from artists & product designers to manufacturers & design schools. I was lucky enough to exhibit with Craft Vic (as Pocket Carnival) with 11 other amazing Melbourne-based artists!

Gaye Abandon is a label I have loved for a very long time. The creator, Gaye, makes accessories & homewares from recycled wool felt – she collects wool clothing and creates the felt herself. I love her display too, it’s looking like a bit of an abstract artwork.

L. Harvest Textiles, R. Pocket Carnival

Harvest Textiles have a studio in Brunswick where they print amazing textiles and create beautiful homewares & kits. It’s run by a trio of wonderful ladies and I’ve written a little about them previously here! I particularly love their colour palette, the bold colours work so well on their basecloth.

Pocket Carnival is my little label of beautiful purses, quirky greeting cards & huggables including new cloud pillows. The new collection is inspired by classic patterns & wonderful colours, and eco-friendliness is a big focus too! All textiles are organic or are vintage/recycled, and all cardstock is 100% post-consumer recycled.

L. And O Designs, R. Lab 3 o 5

And O Designs are hand crafted jewellery, accessories & ceramic pieces by Yumi Ando. And O pieces are inspired by Japanese & Australian design, I love the simplicity of the designs, and the combination of simple white ceramics & blue & grey glaze.

Lab 3 o 5 are a group of 7 architecture student who have a laser cutting studio in Richmond and some amazing products. They design & create badges & other jewellery and have a new line of homewares. They also offer a custom laser cutting service – I’m so tempted to get some things cut just for fun!

Shelley Panton at Design Made Trade

Shelley Panton is a potter who creates her own range of tableware at her studio in Middle Park, Melbourne. I absolutely love the signage she’s created for her display at Design Made Trade – it is so great when you have a product that’s proudly made by hand to communicate that loud & clear!

L. Phillip Stokes Glass Studio, R. Two Layers of Cells

Phillip Stokes creates hand blown (mouth blown?) glassware in his studio in Richmond, Vic (there’s totally a theme of amazing artists having amazing studios – check them out!). You can view a little video interview with him here – I love watching the process of glass blowing, it’s amazing to see something take shape with a few big puffs of breath!

Two Layers of Cells is a collaboration between light & art – wonderful! Melbourne designer Jane creates lamp shades out of so many things including a new series made from vintage microscope cases. There’s even a Draw-Your-Own kit to decorate yourself! Perfect for kids!

L. The Gently Unfurling Sneak, R. Hand Drawn House

The Gently Unfurling Sneak is the label of Anika Cook, who creates artwork, accessories, and her own range of clothing! Talk about multitalented. I particularly love the artworks which are such an amazing combination of vintage-style fashion and those heads… they’re like a fairytale character!

I am so impressed with the artwork Alice from Hand Drawn House created on her stand for DMT – I hope you are soo! Alice creates wonderful artwork which she screenprints onto textiles & cards. Her illustrations are amazing! You can read a bit more about Alice in this interview on the Craft Vic blog too.

Morgan Wills at Design Made Trade

Morgan Wills is a super busy lady - at the same time as preparing for Design Made Trade she was also opening a whole new shop in Ballarat, The Crafty Squirrel. Morgan designs wonderful one-of-a-kind products made from reclaimed wool – I love her giant wool blankets! I’ve been wanting to wrap myself in one the whole time we’ve been at DMT. Her Mumma & Baby Bushkas are quite amazing – the colours are wonderful, and they’re all unique too!

Sphere by Noha Khalaf

And finally there’s Noha Khalaf, who creates jewellery that remind me irresistibly of mind-bending puzzles! There’s just something about her delicate jewellery that possibly requires a lightbox and some patience to photograph, so take a peek at her site here.

I think it’s such a great little group of designers & artists! Take a peek at Craft Vic online here.


Update: See a bunch more photos and awesome recap on The Design Files!

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