The Carbon Tax

Posted by Penny on July 12, 2011



A Price on Carbon – In Five Easy Steps by GetUp Australia

The Australian Carbon Tax. It’s been talked about for SO LONG without anyone knowing exactly what it involves, until yesterday when the plan was finally released!

GetUp have released the sweet video above, and some FAQ style answers about the tax. Thanks GetUp, you’re awesome.

The Carbon Tax is essentially a (long overdue!) response and plan to deal with our changing global climate. The 500 top polluters will now have to pay $23 per tonne of pollution they create. The tax collected goes to the government who will use it to support households, invest in green energy research, support farmers and a bunch of other stuff. The tax is also an incentive to pollute less – hope it works!

The Carbon Tax has not yet been implemented, and Tony Abbott has vowed he will not support it.

I very much hope that the tax does create the incentives for large companies to pollute less, rather than pollute the same amount (or more!) and simply raise prices. Is this the main reason why the tax has not received more support from environmental groups? It’s possible. I would love to see the Australian government adding to the Carbon Tax plan by endorsing a really solid plan for phasing out non-renewable energy and switching to renewable energy.

You can read more about the Carbon Tax on the SBS Australia website, here.


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