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Posted by Penny on November 28, 2011
Skincare + haircare

Tasmanian Bush Leaves Shampoo Bar by Beauty & the Bees

Ever since a friend mocked me when I was at university for being a bit of a tree-huggin’ hippie but not knowing that Pantene made my hair so silky because of the copious amounts of silicone it contains, I’ve been on the search for my perfect shampoo & conditioner. The problem is, every time I think I’ve found hair products I love, I realise they don’t love me or the environment.

The shampoos I had been lately using contain palm oil (sorry orang-utans!) or one of the SLS or SLES chemicals (they are a foaming agent but also in higher doses cause skin irritation…)

After a bunch of internet-searching I found Beauty & the Bees. They’re a Tasmanian company who handmake all their products with natural ingredients that you’d pretty much be happy to eat (if you were really hungry…)

Skin Salvation Moisture Balm Bar by Beauty & the Bees

I actually bought a few Beauty & the Bees products for Chris to take on an overseas backpacking style work trip, and what better than solid products? However I have since commandeered these products as my own. I love the Skin Salvation as it contains benzoin which is that lovely, slightly marzipan-ish smelling ingredient in a lot of natural skin products. Plus it’s fun to use.

The shampoo bars have also been great, especially given they’re made of a natural soap base with very few added ingredients – they are different to most shampoos in that they don’t leave your hair squeaky clean, but instead they lather up but also give it a bit of a coating in soy wax. It takes a bit of getting used to, and it’s definitely not producing silky smooth hair, but instead my hair feels a bit thicker and has more volume. I think I like it, but I think it’ll also take getting used to. My hair definitely looks clean which is a good step!


All in all I’m very happy to have found a company who consistently receive good reviews, making products in Australia from natural ingredients.

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