seedling: good for kids

Posted by Penny on November 20, 2011

The Outdoor Explorer Kit by Seedling

It’s absolutely that time of year when we’re being bombarded with advertisements for gifts for kids. Unfortunately not all kids toys are created equal, and it’s a little bit impossible to avoid mass-produced toy sales, plastic fantastic this & that… things I definitely want to avoid when I’m buying gifts for a lucky niece and friends and so on!

This is where personally I think Seedling is a bit of a saviour. Seedling are a New Zealand based company who create fun & educational gifts for kids. Hooray for Seedling!

The Junior Gardener Kit by Seedling

My favourites are their outdoorsy kits. The Outdoor Explorer kit (top) contains a working head-torch! What little explorer wouldn’t want one of those? Seedling even have a worm farm kit – so cute!

Take a closer look at Seedling’s website, and let them tweet you too!

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