Fair-trade Gardening by Oxfam

Posted by Penny on December 12, 2011
Fairtrade, Garden

3 white-washed terracotta elephant herb planters on a tray via Oxfam

I have been looking around for some lovely garden decoratives to give as a Christmas gift – no garden gnomes! I always think of gardening, and therefore anything garden-related, as very wholesome and natural, so it made me a bit sad to discover that pretty much everything apart from plants & seeds at my local plant nursery was produced in China.


Hand-crafted terracotta water drippers via Oxfam

Unfortunately my budget does not generally extend to beautiful sculptural pieces created locally in Australia – I wish it did! So I hopped over to Oxfam which is increasingly my go-to store for homewares & decor. They’ve got some really lovely garden pieces produced fairly in Bangladesh, the water drippers especially are rather funny!

White-washed terracotta frog herb planter including tray via Oxfam

And of course Oxfam will get you sorted for a whole variety of gifts! And of course there is always the Oxfam Unwrapped range, where you can donate money in lieu of a gift. I bought my brother this card. I know he’ll appreciate it.

Pop on over to Oxfam (or go visit one of their stores!) for much more!

Any I would love to hear any tips for locally produced or fair trade garden things too – for next Christmas maybe!



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