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Posted by Penny on December 05, 2011
Babies, Skincare + haircare

Jack & Jill Natural Toothpaste!

Toothpaste it’s tricky. I’m so aware of the need to eat nutritionally sound, healthy food, and yet toothpaste goes in our mouths and I conveniently just ignore the ingredients on my tube of Colgate. Lately I’ve been on a bit of a mission to purge my skincare & haircare of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which is a foaming agent that can irritate the skin in high doses, and personally I don’t think belongs in my mouth!

Obviously children (especially little tykes!) can have more sensitive skin, which is why Jack & Jill is a little bit awesome. You can see their ingredients here, and what kid wouldn’t want to choose between a cute tube of strawberry or blueberry toothpaste in the morning? (Well, it might make them slightly more amenable to teeth brushing anyway).

Jack & Jill Blackcurrant Toothpaste

While Jack & Jill is obviously marketed as a kids product, it’s kind of a nice option for those who aren’t into their morning minty-freshness (or if you just want a bit of a mix up!)

You can find some other great natural toothpastes at Biome & Shop Naturally. In case you’re wondering, my paste of choice is generally Red Seal for minty fresh teeth, but I think I might be willing to give strawberry a go (maybe for special occasions?)




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