One Colour: Fairtrade Fashion

Posted by Penny on January 30, 2012

Navy Short Sleeve Organic Jersey Dress by One Colour

When I write posts for Oh My Green, I often get a bit stressed out. Sometimes I feel like when I talk about my own business, and when I talk about other eco and fairtrade initiatives and businesses, I give a sense of justification – ‘it’s organic, fair trade & recycled, but it also happens to be amazing!’ I think this is a throwback to my younger days when I honestly believed that ethically made clothes were all tie dyed or hemp.

But really, when I see fashion like the latest collection from One Colour, I’m happy. This dress is amazing. It’s also made of organic cotton jersey, grown in East Africa. The dress is made by staff at Viva Africa, a social organisation giving training and employment to people in Kenya. It’s mailed to you from Australia. And there is a bird.

1 Comment to One Colour: Fairtrade Fashion

  • Madeleine says:

    Penny I have just gone back through all your posts and ashamedly I didn’t realise how rad it was over here! Anyway, let’s catch up soon xxx
    …this dress is gorgeous too and I’m off to investigate further.

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