Eco-Kids: Playdough & Fingerpaint

Posted by Penny on February 20, 2012
Craft Supplies, Kids

Eco-Fingerpaint™ by Eco-Kids

I love finding products like this. Eco-Kids is a small USA-based family run company, creating all-natural art supplies for kids. Their products include play-dough and fingerpaints, made from 100% natural ingredients. Both come in gluten-free options as well.

Eco-Dough™ by Eco-Kids

One of my favourite things about Eco-Kids is that not only are the ingredients in their products wonderful, but the packaging is also great – made from 100% recycled plastic, the cardboard tube is also recycled, and I love that the packaging is a bit more simple and not so LOOK-AT-ME!

Eco-Fingerpaint™ by Eco-Kids

Purchase in NZ from The Playing Mantis (cute!), in Australia from Coco Bear or Rosie’s Closet, and in the USA from Eco-Kids directly or Eco Artworks.

And have fun!

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