Eco Stars – Crazy Crayons

Posted by Penny on February 03, 2012
Craft Supplies, Kids, Recycling

Eco Stars by Crazy Crayons

Awesome gift idea alert! For me, December to February is birthday season. Kids birthdays, adult birthdays, new babies… it’s all happening. I struggle a bit with birthday gifts for kids aged 2+. But perhaps not anymore! Kids love being creative, and adults love kids being occupied with something not too messy (and easy to clean up!) And I love recycled things, so Eco Stars are win-win-win.

Eco Stars are made of recycled crayons. Amazing. They collect broken or unwanted crayons throughout USA, discard any that aren’t non-toxic, and recycle them into awesome new crayons. They employ people with developmental disabilities too, which is fantastic. And I love the shape of the Eco Stars, it’s great for tiny hands!


To get your own Eco Stars in Australia, visit Itty Bitty Greenie. Check out Crazy Crayons on Facebook, and visit their website here.




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