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Posted by Penny on May 11, 2013
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I tend to think it’s easier to buy ethically for babies and kids than for adults, mainly because there are just so many organic kids brands around, and the price per item can often be a lot more comparable to other brands. So, lucky babies! Organic is often said to be better for babies skin, which might be true, however it’s also better for our earth. Organic & fair trade products mean in general the workers have better conditions, and of course handmade is amazing too as we can support local artists and designers! Here are some of my favourite baby pieces.

1. Long Sleeve Bodysuit: Birds in Trees by Sapling. A little family run Australian business, Sapling produces certified organic cuteness for babies. Read our interview with Sapling here.

2. Stripe Hoodie and Play Pant Marle by Broken Tricycle. Practical but super cute clothes for babies and toddlers, PLUS certified organic.

3. Long Sleeve Bodysuit in Atlas Print by Nature Baby. This New Zealand based company have a massive range and have been making organic baby clothing for 15 years – I think their newest range of prints are just fantastic.

4. Organic Penguin Bib by Down Home Amy. Handmade, hand printed, organic and adorable.

5. Handmade Unisex Cotton Spot Sweater by Fable Baby. You may have seen Fable around the design market scene – their baby clothes are so gorgeous you’ll want a grown up version of everything, plus it’s all handmade in Australia and mostly organic.


6. Knot Hat – Mushroom by Duns. Duns baby and kids clothes are organic but still have these amazingly vibrant colours – completely Swedish-cool.

7. Green Splotch Bodysuit by Baobab. These guys have some of the most timeless but still on-trend baby and kids styles around, with some great organic unisex clothing for bubs that’s not just lemon yellow!

8. Lap Tee – Construction Red by Winter Water Factory. My only problem with Winter Water Factory is that their baby prints are so amazing the clothes always sell out far too quick. Seriously, go check out the baby romper section and be amazed. Organic and made in the USA.

9. Organic Bodysuit – Bears by Sture & Lisa. More Swedish-cool! Bright, awesome and lots of great unisex in organic cotton again.

10. Juicy Fresh Vinyl Toddler Bloomers by The Smallest Tribe. Handmade from organic cotton, love these colours. Plus, The Smallest Tribe has one of the most positive, kid-empowering messages ever.


Let me know if I’ve missed your favourite ethically made baby brand? Penny

Barley and Birch

Posted by Penny on March 20, 2012
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L. Oak Onepiece; R. Poppies Onepiece by Barley and Birch

Amazing, right? I found these gorgeous organic baby clothes while doing some research (code for online shopping for gifts for my adorable brand-new niece!) Barley and Birch are a pretty awesome company. Their baby & kids clothes are made of 100% organic cotton. They’re printed with water based inks. 15% of their profits are used for carbon offsetting, and another 15% are donated to organisations that Barley and Birch love.

Cactus Lapneck Tee by Barley and Birch

Plus! The designs! They’re so bright & fun & different! Personally I’m a wee bit sick of pastel blue and pink – it’s time to make baby clothes, and organic, fun! Hats off, Barley and Birch. I like you.

Check out Barley and Birch’s stockists here.

Sapling Child: Interview + Giveaway!

Posted by Penny on January 23, 2012
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Sapling Baby Clothes – photo by Oh My Green

If a Sapling onesie isn’t one of best gifts to give a new baby then I don’t know what is. Sapling baby clothes are ticking all the boxes – they’re certified organic (which means fair pay for workers, too!), a great price, and cute as anything (except possibly the baby you’re giving it to). The owls are my favourite – and rightly so, for what’s not to love about owls?

Peta & Charles, creators of Sapling, were lovely enough to answer a few questions for us. Plus, scroll down for the giveaway!

L. Bird in Tree Girls Bodysuit, R. Bird in Tree Pants – photos by Sapling


How did Sapling begin? How long have you been in operation for?

Technically we’ve been in operation since the end of 2009. It took us two years to do the designs, create the perfect fit, find a fabulous manufacturer who shared our values, find the perfect materials and to pull it all together! We finally finished that process in 2011, and our first batch of goodies started arriving in stores in December 2011. So although we’ve been working away for a long time, we are brand spanking new to the market!

How do you create your gorgeous designs?

Our designs are inspired by nature, and by our own childhoods. We wanted to create designs that reminded parents of their own childhoods. It’s a tough process with lots of to-ing and fro-ing between our selves and our graphic designer until we feel that everything is perfect. Infact, I’m pretty sure I drive the graphic designer batty with all the teeny tiny adjustments I ask her to do!

L. Owl on Branch Short-Sleeve Bodysuit, R. Camping Bear Boys Romper – photos by Sapling

Your range is made of GOTS certified organic fabric – why is this important to you?

Keeping our range organic was very important to us. We did a lot of research before we had children and discovered that babies skin is really very sensitive. It’s also quite thin and much more porous than ours which means their skin absorbs things quite easily.

An incredible amount of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides are used in the regular production of cotton. Not to mention all the chemicals and nasties that are used in the dying and print part of cotton production as well. We didn’t want all those nasties rubbing up next to our babies skin, so we made the decision to use organic cotton.

However, we found it quite difficult to find cute organic baby clothes that were printed with organic dyes, we thought it was pointless to buy organic clothing that had chemicals infused into it from the use of chemical dyes. So, we decided to use 100% organic vegetable dyes (which means our organic fabric isn’t hurt by the nasties in regular chemical dyes). We also noticed that many existing organic brands out there were quite expensive, and we wanted to create something that was accessible for everyone (and cute too!).

Sapling Baby Clothes – photo by Oh My Green

I’m definitely excited to know what new products you’re planning for 2012?

We have some new goodies coming out hopefully in Feb. Some beautiful little girls dresses, cute bloomers and a new range of basic babywear! When we get closer to the final product I’ll send you some pics for a sneak preview!


Thanks so much Sapling! To get your own Check out Sapling’s website  &  Facebook,  or email info[at] for your nearest stockist. (To buy online, try Lime Tree Kids or Belle & Elle!)


The Giveaway: Details

Take a peek at the Sapling range on Facebook, give their page a ‘Like’, if you like, and then leave a comment letting us know what you love about Sapling. One super lucky winner will receive a gorgeous Sapling outfit for their favourite bub!

Leave your comment by 30th Jan so we can choose a winner (Sapling can post world-wide!)