Ecolour Climate Friendly Paint

Posted by Penny on July 29, 2011
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One of the Ecolour stores

I’m very much considering painting the walls of my house (the odd creamy/beige colour of my rental is getting a bit old!) However I’ve got to say, I don’t deal so well with paint fumes. They give me headaches and make me feel a bit sick – I’m sure almost all of us can relate. Thankfully when we paint the really strong fumes dissipate after a day or so, but it always makes me wonder quite how healthy regular paint is?


Ecolour paint is completely different, and they get so many ticks of approval. Their paint:

  • Is manufactured in Australia,
  • Is carbon neutral,
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (they’re the toxins that are often very slowly released in small amounts from conventional paints),
  • Makes use of re-cycled re-refined waste engine oil to produce water based paints that are smooth (if you’ve ever painted a wall you’ll know smooth paints are of the utmost importance!)

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