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DIY map furniture

Posted by Penny on November 23, 2011
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Mapped Out Table Top - Real Living, via Ninemsn

Vintage world globes, atlases & map-related decor are definitely a trend that’s here to stay. Personally I love maps & globes, but the prices for vintage ones are rapidly increasing out of my range. Not fair. I do love the idea of map furniture though – I think it’s definitely an awesome idea for kids furniture, but I hope you’ll agree that all of these pieces are fabulous enough for adults, too.

50s Plywood Chair on Roddy & Ginger

I still am on the hunt for a lovely set of nesting tables (I’ve been searching for a little too long now, really), but this is a definite contender for how I’d like to decorate them.

Sofa Table by Brooklyn Limestone

I love how this desktop has been painted – the map has been painted by hand, with just an overhead projector for guidance! That’s awesome, and a little bit skilled! Definitely check out the blog post on Brooklyn Limestone for all the details.

DIY Globe Garland – Poppytalk via The Inspired Room

How sweet are these little puffy balloon garlands! They’re origami balloons (but made in the same way I used to make paper water-bombs!)


If you can’t find a vintage map to use, or don’t want to cut into one, you can find awesome wrapping paper printed with vintage maps now! It’ll probably be cheaper, too. Try instore at Magnation for some.




Lego-style apartment transformation

Posted by Penny on May 20, 2011
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Lego-style apartment transforms into infinite spaces on Youtube

I think we’re really lucky to have so much space in Australia. We don’t need to be that careful with it, so instead of being increasingly clever with space, we simply use more of it. Really clever use of space to me is more typical of bigger cities overseas, like New York, London, Tokyo, and homes like this one in Barcelona, created by Christian Schallert.

The view from the balcony is so beautiful – imagine stepping out here every day!

And it’s even more amazing when you consider that the bed tucks away underneath the balcony for storage… so clever!

The whole apartment is only 24 square metres, yet it’s not cluttered or chaotic… such a great design! More clever design like this please.


Read more on *faircompanies.

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