Weekly News: 16th Feb

Posted by Penny on March 16, 2012
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Eco Perch by Blue Forest

Love the Eco Perch. It’s like the trailer home of the future. It sleeps 4 people, has such an awesome floor plan, can be installed in 5 days, and can even be suspended at tree level. I want one. (via Treehugger)

I am terrible at looking after indoor plants. They don’t have long lives. BUT, I feel like now I’ve read this article about 7 indoor plants that purify your air naturally, maybe I can do better? (Inhabitat)

Designer Joao Lammoglia is developing a mask that converts wind from our breathing into electricity to charge electronic devices. Plus it looks like Darth Vader. (Treehugger)

Fascinating interview with the inimitable Naomi Klein about climate change skepticism and denial. Remember in 2007 when the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its report, and we all freaked out? That shit got real. But we have short memories. Read it, for real. (Grist)

A vegetarian diet helps you live longer (yet another study proves!) This one’s a mega Harvard University study. (The Age)

I adore Pinterest, but this very recent article on The Window Seat makes it clear that I best read terms & conditions more carefully. If you’re a Pinterest user, please read the article, and hopefully await Pinterest’s reply.

I absolutely love Vandana Shiva, and the work that she does. She’s such an important person and mind in world politics – her work on world food and water rights is so important. I hope you’ll watch this interview she did with George Stroumboulopoulos so you can love her too. (CBC)

Weekly News: 9th Feb

Posted by Penny on March 09, 2012
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Ink & Spindle Autumn 2012 collection.

Interesting eco & social justice from around the internet this week!

For Melbournians, the Creative Women’s Circle has its first event for the year coming up! Take a peek at the details here: architect Rosa Coy will be speaking on 24th March.

Have you heard of meat theft? It’s pretty simple: people are stealing meat because the prices are rising. Spoiler alert: the solution’s pretty simple – eat vegetarian. (Good, found via Ming-Zhu on Twitter)

When will the food bubble burst? We all know the USA has pretty dodgy food policies (pizza is a vegetable, remember?) Their most recent farm bill is more of the same. (Organic Authority)

More CWC: there’s an interview with Jessie from environmentally conscious design collective Studio Common Ground on the Creative Women’s Circle blog today.

One of Australia’s favourite textile printing studios (and all around amazing ladies), Ink & Spindle, have just released their first textile collection for the year. And, awesomely, there are clothing weight fabrics! My newfound love of D.I.Y. skirts says thank you! (Above photo by Eric Ronald c/o Ink & Spindle).


Kony 2012. It’s been all over the internet. If you’ve missed it, Google it. I have been pretty surprised at the bitter tone of the backlash to the campaign, to be honest. I can understand it, but to me this campaign is a masterstroke of marketing genius, well considered by a team of people who sincerely care about Uganda and people affected by the LRA. Absolutely I agree with much of the criticism of the Stop Kony campaign, but I also predict that this will usher in a new way of thinking about humanitarian awareness raising campaigns.

You may wish to read this extremely well reasoned article explaining some of the criticism, and then this article on The Conversation for a response to the criticism. Plus, Invisible Children have released their own response to the criticisms.


Because I am a Girl: Plan Australia

Posted by Penny on March 08, 2012
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Happy International Women’s Day! Just a short & sweet post to share the work that Plan Australia and Plan International are doing with women in many countries. We all know that women, despite our amazing, kickass abilities, despite the history of women doing fabulous and fearless things, and despite the fact that women nurture and birth generation after generation of babies in a wonderful, endless wave, that despite all this women are still treated differently. This ain’t no Star Trek ungendered society after all.

Every year from 2007 – 2015 Plan are releasing a report entitled Because I am a Girl – each year the report has a different theme. In 2011 their report tackled the big issue of what men, and society as a whole, need to do and to become in order for women to have equal rights. Love it. The report is designed to inform policy and planning for both governments and non-government organisations.

Take a few minutes out of your day and take a peek at Plan’s Because I am a Girl website. It is International Women’s Day after all.

(Image via Plan Australia)