Eco crafting supplies


Thread & Sewing Notions

Near Sea Naturals
US-based – organic fabrics, thread & notions.

Fiberactive Organics
US-based – organic threads & notions.

Organic Fabric Online
Aus-based – organic fabric & thread.



Toy stuffing

Corn fibre

Inner Green
Aus-based – corn fibre.

Cotton fibre

Eco Filling Australia
Aus-based – lots of types!

Hollyburton Park
Aus-based – raw cotton.

Mohair Bear Making Supplies
UK-based – cotton fibre.

Near Sea Naturals
US-based – organic cotton fibre

Hemp fibre

Hemp Wholesale Australia
Aus-based – hemp fibre

Aus-based – hemp, cotton & wool fibres.

Kapok fibre

Kapok Pillows
Aus-based – kapok fibre and products.

Kapok Shop
Aus-based – kapok fibre and products


Updated 12th April 2013.

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