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Is your paper post-consumer recycled or FSC certified? If not, take a peek at these resources! Post-consumer recycled means your paper/product is the result of recycling paper already used by a consumer, such as used office paper or newspapers. This is different to just plain old ‘recycled’ which can mean anything, including recycled woodchips, recycled offcuts from a paper mill.

FSC certified paper means the production has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It means that logging for paper is done more sustainably, according to their guidelines.

Paper Production Info

The Wilderness Society

Info about logging vs paper recycling

The Ethical Paper Pledge

Sign up to pledge business / personal support!



Take a peek at:

Our post on Oh My Green about how to print your own Eco-Friendly greeting cards!


Paper Products:

Eco Office
Office supplies.

Brown kraft style 100% post consumer recycled.

Australian Envelopes
Post consumer recycled envelopes.

Post-consumer recycled envelopes & notebooks.

Queensland Envelopes
Enviromail: post-consumer recycled envelopes.


Paper Wholesalers:

Raleigh Paper
Variety of recycled papers & cardstocks.

K.W. Doggett
Variety of recycled papers & cardstocks.

Variety of recycled papers & cardstocks.



Biodegradable cello bags available.

Plaza DJ
Biodegradable cello bags available.

Biodegradable enviro tape.


Commercial Printers:
(All these printers offer 100% post-consumer recycled cardstock with soy based inks).


Print Together

Arena Printing

The Environmental Printing Co

Maleny Green Printery
Sunshine Coast-based.



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